New Advanced Search

Advanced searches allow you to combine many search elements across topics to get a targeted stream of content that's exactly what you're looking for. 

Set up and follow an Advanced Search:

Click on the Advanced Search button next to the search bar
You can setup your search in various ways, depending on what kind of articles you need to find. 
If you are looking for articles that contain exact text or exact phrases, start with Keywords.
Any of these words = articles will have any of the words/phrases you type in this box. For example if you search for: apple OR pie, you will get articles that have the word 'apple' or the word 'pie.'
All of these words = articles will have all of the words/phrases you type in this box. For example if you search for: apple AND pie, you will get articles that have both the word 'apple' and the word 'pie.' Similarly, if you search for: "apple pie" you will only get articles that have the exact phrase "apple pie."
None of these words = articles will be removed from your search results if they have any of the words/phrases you type in this box. Continuing with our apple pie example, to remove article results that mention 'turnover' or 'strudel' you would simply list those in this none box.

You can also search across Topics.

When you type into the search box, a predictive search dropdown list will appear; to search across Wiser topics, select an item from the dropdown list.

Note: There is no limit to the number of variables that you can include in your search.

Name your search for easier retrieval later and then press the search button

If Wiser found matching articles, you'll see a list of results. Press the follow button to save your search and add it to your Follow bar. If the search needs to be modified, click the edit button (you can edit the search any time). To view content about an advanced search, simply click on it from your Follow bar.

Note: When you create an advanced search, you are the owner of that search. Others in your Wiser account can follow your search, but they can not edit it. If you would like to make someone else the owner of the search to allow them to edit or add to the search, contact our customer success team at 

Follow an Advanced Search from the Follow menu:

Click on the gear icon next to I'm Following on the Follow bar or select Edit Following from the drop-down menu next to Profile in the navigation bar
Select the Advanced Searches toggle to see a list of the advanced searches set up by your colleagues on Wiser.
Click the Follow button next to an Advanced Search you want to follow--any advanced search you follow is automatically saved and displayed on your Follow bar under "Advanced Searches".

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