Admin 101

Congratulations! You are the administrator of a Wiser account. As the administrator, it’s up to you to set and adjust your organization’s topic and source preferences for all members of your account to follow. Individual users will be able to customize what they follow by adding to or removing organization preferences. You are also able to manage users.

Edit what your organization Follows

Click on the tab with your organization's name from your Follow bar
In the right side bar, click the link with the gear icon that says Edit [Your Organization Name] Follows
Select the Topics or Sources tab. 
Press the follow button next to a topic or source you want to add to all user accounts in your organization. When you follow a new item, it will be followed by all members in your account. And when you unfollow an item it will be removed from all user accounts (to unfollow an item, click the following button. It will revert to the follow button, signaling it's been unfollowed).

You can also have your organization follow Keywords, Tags, and Advanced Searches.
To follow an existing Keyword, Tag or Advanced Search, simply press the follow button next to the item in the follow menu.
To follow a new Keyword, Tag or Advanced Search, first create the new item and then come back to the follow menu to add it to your organization.

Any changes you make are automatically saved and applied to all users in the account

Can’t find the topic or source you’re looking for? We offer custom content consultations. Email us at to learn more.

Invite colleagues

Click on the Invite Colleagues button, found on the Home page and under the drop-down next to Profile in the navigation bar
Enter the email addresses of the colleagues you’d like to invite
Click the Invite button
Your colleagues will receive an email invitation to join Wiser
In the email invite, a link will take them through an onboarding process so they can set personal topic preferences and learn the basics of how to use Wiser

Edit user information

To change an email address of a user in your Wiser account, please contact us at

Remove colleagues

To remove a user from your Wiser account, please contact us at

Delete your Wiser account

To delete your Wiser account, please contact us at

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