How to: tag articles

Collect, organize and archive articles for quick retrieval with tags. Tags can be used for a wide-range of use cases, here are some suggestions for how to use tags:

  • Alert your team to must read articles by creating an "Important" tag
  • Organize articles for a project or research report by tagging articles with a relevant tag
  • Track a trend in your industry by tagging articles with a relevant tag

Tag an article

Click the Add Tag button on any article
If a tag has been used before, select the relevant tag from the autocomplete drop-down to add [or] create a new tag by typing the name of the tag and pressing enter to add.

Follow a tag

If you want to track articles that are tagged with a tag you created or are interested in following, and for quick retrieval of these tagged articles, you want to follow the tag.

Click on the tag from the article tile [or] search for the tag in the search bar [or] find all tags available to follow in your Wiser account on the Follow Menu
Click the Follow button next to the name of the tag
The tag will now appear on your Follow bar underneath Tags

Delete a tag

To delete a tag, simply click the x icon on the tag on the article to remove it.

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