Article detail page

The article detail page provides the introductory paragraph of an article, along with any comments, excerpts, tags or upvote activity the article has received. To access the detail page for any given article, click on the article title from any Wiser page.

What’s on the article detail page?

Depending on if you or someone at your organization has shared the article, and how much attention it’s received, the detail page will show any of the following:

  1. Article context: Hover over the icon in the top right corner of a recommended article for an explanation of why you're seeing the article in your feed -- know whether it's related to a topic or source that you, your group or your organization is following. 
  2. Reactions: See the number of upvotes, comments and reads on the article
  3. Share/Upvote: Share or Upvote the article with the two different share buttons
  4. Comment/Excerpt: Toggle between Comment and Excerpt to add insight to the article
  5. Add Tag: Contextualize the article by adding a Tag
  6. Notify: Notify a worthwhile read to a specific group or colleague with an @mention
  7. Outside Signals: See where an article we’re recommending showed up on the social web, in content aggregators and industry newsletters. Clicking on any of the signals listed will take you to the original tweet or source.

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