Article tile

Articles on Wiser are presented in an article tile with contextual and social data. Upon hover, an arrow will appear centered on the bottom of the tile. Click the arrow to see more information about the article.

What’s on the tile?

  1. Article context: On the top of a recommended article is an explanation of why you're seeing the article in your feed. You can see if an article matches a topic or source that you, your group or your organization follows. 
  2. Author, source and timestamp: See who wrote and published the article as well as when it was published, down to the minute
  3. Upvote/Share: Upvote an article to give your approval of an article, or use the Share button to share an article directly to a group or to share to Twitter or via email.
  4. Outside Signals: Hover over the megaphone icon to see who else tweeted or curated an article we’re recommending.
  5. Wiser topics: See what an article has been categorized as by Wiser. You can click on these topics to see more related articles.
  6. Tag: Use the Add Tag button to tag an article for context or to @mention a colleague on Wiser.

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