Organization page

The Organization page is a central hub on Wiser. You can see which of your colleagues are on Wiser and what content they’ve engaged with and you can manage and create groups. If you’re an account admin, this is the place to look to review settings and update the topics and sources your organization is following. You can access the Organization page by clicking on [Your Organization's from the Follow bar.

What’s on the page?

  1. The organization feed -- internal: See all articles shared within your organization, presented in reverse chronological order beginning with the most recently shared
  2. The organization feed -- external: See articles related to the topics and sources your organization is following. If you're an account admin, you can see what your organization is following on the Follow menu and under the [Your Organization Name] Follows toggle.
  3. Administrator(s) list: See who at your organization is an admin
  4. [Your Organization] Groups list: See all groups in your organization and create a new group
  5. Colleagues list: See all colleagues on Wise

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