How to: search for and follow Keywords

Keywords are saved searches and entities (like a company, for example) that are followable on Wiser. Any Keywords you follow will influence your Wiser recommendations. You can create your own Keywords by following searches on Wiser and you can follow Keywords that your colleagues on Wiser have already created.

Set up and follow a Keyword from the search bar:

Type the keyword in the search bar. Use the same search techniques that you would use in your preferred search engine.


To get articles containing both  healthcare and innovation, simply type the words into the search bar. Example: healthcare innovation

To get articles containing the phrase  healthcare innovation, use quotation marks. Example: "healthcare innovation"

To get articles containing the phrase healthcare innovation, that are also related to mobile, use search operators like AND, OR. Example: “healthcare innovation” AND mobile

For more complex keyword searches, use Wiser's advanced search feature.

Press enter to search and see all of the relevant article matches. Your search terms will be highlighted in each article result.
Press the Follow button next to the keyword to Follow
The keyword will then be added to your Follow bar, under Keywords

Note: To view content containing or about a keyword, simply click on it from your Follow bar.

Follow a Keyword from the Follow menu:

Click on the gear icon next to I'm Following on the Follow bar or select Edit Following from the drop-down menu next to Profile in the navigation bar
Select the Keywords toggle to see a list of all keywords your colleagues on Wiser are following.
Click the Follow button next to a Keyword you want to follow. Anything you follow is automatically saved and displayed on your Follow bar.

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