How to: curate a digest

Wiser Curator allows you and your team to easily clip web content and compile a curated news digest for your company, group or clients in minutes. Digests can be saved to send later or pushed-on-demand. And every digest you send is archived, so you can easily retrieve and reuse past articles. 
Send articles to the curator dashboard by sharing articles to Wiser. You can share articles using the upvote button or paste-a-link box in Wiser, the browser extension, or by sending articles via email to 
The articles you collect are automatically added to the curator dashboard. You can find the dashboard in the drop-down menu below Profile. Here you can easily reorder articles and remove any that you no longer want in the digest.
To  reorder an article, select it from the list and drag it to the preferred place.
To  delete an article, click the X in the top right corner. The article will move to the bottom of the list and appear greyed out. To reactivate the article, click the + icon in the top right corner.


You can also organize your digest into sections and add your perspective to the articles.

To add sections to your digest, simply click on the +Section button and enter the title of the section and add an optional note in the form.

To add a comment, excerpt a relevant passage or add a tag, click on the article title to expand the tile. Here you can leave a comment, paste an excerpt or add a tag that will appear in the digest.


After you've sorted your articles, add your digest recipients as a comma-separated list, include an email subject line and add an optional custom header message to let your readers know what your digest is about.

If you plan on sending digests to the same list of people, we've got you covered. You can create easily create a distribution list in Wiser. To create a list, type the email addresses in the recipients field and click on the 'Add addresses to a list' link.
This will expand a section where you can name and save the list.
Then, the next time you send a digest, simply select the list from the recipients field.

Wiser also offers a Mailchimp integration. Contact us at to learn more.

When you're ready to send, press the Send Email button! The email will be delivered as soon as you press send. Not ready to send but want to see what the digest looks like? Press the "Send Preview" button and we'll send you a copy of the digest. You can also save your digest to send it later.
If you have enabled white-labeling, the template will reflect your branding.

Here's an example of how your articles are formatted in the digest -- this includes the digest section we added, with a note, and the comment we left on an article:

Your digests are archived so you can easily retrieve and reuse past articles. You can access your archive by clicking on the "Previously Sent Emails" link found on the Curator dashboard.

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